The Puzzle

M writes:

Here are the constraints as I understand them


Immigration Canada won’t talk to you until you’ve submitted an application, but it’s not clear how to proceed. In particular, should I move back to Canada and then import Irene, or should we apply from America?

The former appears more expensive, but administratively easier. In the latter case I have to prove a bona fide intent to move back to Canada, and I’m not sure how to do this.

This uncertainty ripples through the other decisions.

I’m relying on CIBC (my family’s bank) to recommend a lawyer, else I’m just going to pick one based on Google recommendations.


It appears I need a manifest of items to follow, as though I had a shipping crate arriving from Thailand, rather than two places on the same continent, one of which I am leaving and one of which I am moving into. I don’t know what the duties are on the various items.

I don’t know how to modify and import the Prius.


Because my family has a pre-existing relationship with CIBC, the way is paved a bit. But it appears that a US credit rating does not transfer to Canada. So it’s not clear how to obtain a rental. Or in general how to re-establish credit.

There are a lot of apartments for rent quite inexpensively but they tend to be tiny. And it’s hard to look because we aren’t sure when exactly we will be taking the plunge. Should I get a tiny studio in a marginal neighborhood to establish residency? Or would that just backfire?


Apparently there is a need to live 3 months in Ontario for OHIP coverage to start. Presumably each of us will need catastrophic coverage from a private insurer in the mean time. How do we convince OHIP to start the clock ticking? How do we get private coverage in the interim?

At what instant does my residence in the US terminate? At what instant does my residence in Canada start? Are they simultaneous? Same questions for Irene. These may affect insurance among other things.


Can we keep continuity on the LLC? It might be easier to bill US clients (or perhaps accept Patreon donations which I guess is legally the same). How does that affect taxes? If not, do we have to add shutting down the LLC as among the bureaucratic marathon? If that has to happen, when does the clock start ticking?


We’ve finally made contact with an attorney. Hopefully we’ll get a contract set up before we leave the country next week.

Lots of rental options in Ottawa for less than we pay in Austin. So that part is going well. We just don’t know whether to sign a lease and move right away…




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