A Friend of a Friend

We’re being hosted in Ottawa by a friend of a friend, Bill, who could not possibly have been more hospitable. We have an office, a bedroom and a bathroom to ourselves, and enthusiastic support for our efforts.

Most repat candidates will have closer family connections in the province they are moving to.

Such family as I have in Canada is in Quebec, and so wouldn’t be able to provide a temporary address in Ontario. Bill is entirely amenable to receiving mail on our behalf.

It’s easier nowadays to get in touch with old classmates from high school, and some of those have proven friendly. These are not necessarily the people I would have imagined connecting with; some have been very kind and friendly. As Anglo-Montrealers, of course many of us have ended up in Ontario. So if you hail from English Montreal, especially if your partner is not fluent in French, I strongly recommend following up on whatever threads you might be able to pick up.

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